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Rates Calendar

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Where can I find rates calendar?​

On your left you have Backoffice.
Find Backoffice and click on it. 
On top menu you have Rates Calendar and click on it. 

How can I change a room standard rate for channel manager?

Find the room you want to change and click on dates you want to change the Room Standard Rate. In channel manager inventory you can put how many rooms you want to sell on your channel manager for the date you want. On channel manager line you put new price you want. After this click send button.

How to update rates for a long time?

If you want to change prices for a long time follow the steps below:

Click on Update Rates button you see on the page. 
Check the dates you want to update prices. Select the room you want and put the new price. 
At the send to option select channel manager save new prices. 
Click save and new prices will be update.

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