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Where can I find invoices?

On the left menu you have Finance. Click on finance and you can find invoices on Finance menu. On invoices page can find a lot of information about invoices. Find the status the amount and the name you can use different filters to find easily what you want. 

How can I add new invoice?

To add new invoice click the + button you see on the invoice page. Put the details and click save. 

How can I edit an invoice?

Find the invoice you want to edit and click on it. You can add products or services on invoice. Make changes you want and click save. Here also you can change the status for that order. There are different status:
Approved, Paid, Partly Paid, Void. If you want to add new products or services click ADD NEW ROW, you can add unlimited products or services per invoice. 

How can I delete an invoice?

Go to invoice page and find the invoice you want to delete. Select the invoice you want to delete and click the recycle bin icon. Click yes on the confirmation page. Caution: Not all of users can delete an invoice. Only users with permissions can delete invoices. 

How can I find an invoice?

Click the search icon from the dashboard. You can search an invoice by name, number, date, status or total amount. 

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