How to make a reservation

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To create a reservation from the Dashboard first click the new reservation button (1):

After that follow the steps below:

  1. Select the reservation dates
  2. Enter number of guests
  3. Click Search
  4. After searching you will see the list of all available rooms. Check the desired room “Reserve”. You can check more than one room unit.
  5. To confirm your selection click “Next” on the right sidebar.


Step 2

After clicking next you will have to add guest details. You can add a new guest or select one from the client list.

  • When you want add the user details click “Save”. You can add more than one guest. When you finish adding guests click Next.
Step 3

This is the last step. Here you can add any discount to the reservation. You can add a discount by amount or by %.

Add any taxes that apply to the reservation that are not included in the selected Room Rate.
If the guest wants additional services you can chose from the list on step 3.
At the end you can add the billing details. You can choose one of the guests in the reservation or just add a new one.

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