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Si te krijoj nje rezervim te ri

Si te krijoni nje rezervim nga dashboardi apo menuja

Step 1

When you are on the dashboard you can create e new reservation from the + plus button in the quick actions block or from the top navigation “New Reservation”.

  1. Select the reservation dates
  2. Click search and you will see all room that are available for that daterange
  3. Check the desired room. You can check more than one room and select different rates if available
  4. After that click Next

Step 2

Select an existing client from the dropdown or add the details for a new guest.

After adding all guests you can click next for the next step.

Step 3

This is the last step before confirming the reservation. Here you can add a discount to the reservation based on a fixed amount or %. 

Add extra services if requested by the guests.

Add billing details. You can select one of the guests for billing or add a new one.

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