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Where can I find suppliers?

Your suppliers list can be found on the POS menu. Click POS on the left. After that click Suppliers at the top of the page. 

How can I add a new supplier?

Go to Suppliers menu and click the ADD NEW button that you can find on the right side.

Details you can add for your supplier.

Please check the picture below to see what details you can add for your supplier. 

How can I find a supplier?

Go to your supplier list and click the search icon. Write the name you want to find on the search bar. 

How can I edit a supplier?

Find the supplier you want to edit and click on it. After making changes you want click save. 

How can I delete a supplier?

Find a supplier you want to delete and select it. Click the recycle bin icon to delete and after that click Yes on the confirmation pop up.

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