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All in one Hotel Management Solution

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The hotel management system you need for everything. HotelBee is the cloud solution that makes it possible to work online & offline. Get now a first look and Signup for our free trial and get the business on you hands.

User Friendly

Build with the best UI/UX


Fast & Secure on the cloud

Cost efficient

Pay per room/month


Great design for mobile use


Get all your bookings into one place with the user friendly and easy to use booking calendar. Have an overview of your business and make quick edits.

Create new bookings directly and easily with HotelBee. It allows you to generate invoices and receipts for your customers at any time.

Keep all details of your costumers safe and organised including booking history, transactions and more.

Great for keeping your B2B relations under control. Get all contacts and business details of your partners in one place.


Easily create rates and packages for any time and any room type in your property. Apply them automatically on checkout.

Manage all room types and room units including facilities, prices, pictures and more.

Keep an eye on all your staff and shifts with HotelBee.

HotelBee is cloud based so you have 24/7 support from our team and don’t have any need for any other IT guys.


Get a record of all your property income by generating it automatically from your reservations and put them manually.

Keep track of your business expenses by recording all bills and receipts.

Generate statistics and reports which can help you analyze your business needs.

HotelBee is paid monthly or annually so there are no big upfront costs or hidden fees. All prices are based and suitable for all hotel sizes.

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