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Having a list of your suppliers its good for your product’s organizing. You can manage more effectively your invoices with adding suppliers.  

Where can I find suppliers?

Your suppliers list can find on the POS menu. Click POS on the left after this click Suppliers at the top of the page. 

How can I add a new supplier?

Go to Suppliers menu and click + button. 

Details you can add for your supplier.

Please check the picture below to see what details you can add for your supplier. 

How can I find a supplier?

Go to your supplier list and click the search icon. Put the name you want to find on the search bar. 

How can I edit a supplier?

Find the supplier you want to edit and click on it. After making changes you want click save. 

How can I delete a supplier?

Find a supplier you want to delete and select it. Click the recycle bin icon to delete. Click Yes on the confirmation and its done. 

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