Guest Profiles

HotelBee’s Guest Profiles feature allows hotels and other accommodation providers to store and manage information about their guests. With this feature, hotels can better understand their guests and provide personalized services to enhance their overall experience.

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Guest Management

Centralized database

HotelBee guest profile management allows you to maintain a centralized database of guest information. This includes basic contact details, past stays, preferences, and special requests. Having all this information in one place makes it easier to provide personalized service to guests and tailor their experience.

Integration with other modules

Guest profile management in HotelBee is integrated with other modules such as reservations, billing, and marketing. This means that the guest profile is automatically updated with new information from these modules, and it can be used to generate reports and insights for various departments.

Mobile access

HotelBee guest profile management is accessible from mobile devices, allowing hotel staff to access guest information from anywhere at any time. This can be useful for front desk agents, housekeeping staff, and other departments that interact with guests directly. Mobile access also allows staff to update guest information in real-time, improving the accuracy of the data.

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