Inventory Control

HotelBee’s product inventory control is a feature designed to help businesses keep track of their inventory levels and manage their stock efficiently. With this feature, businesses can have a clear overview of their inventory and take actions to optimize their stock levels.

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Stock Management

Real-time Tracking

HotelBee’s stock management feature allows businesses to track inventory levels in real-time. The feature automatically updates inventory levels as products are purchased, received, or sold, eliminating the need for manual tracking.

Streamlined Reordering

With HotelBee’s stock management, businesses can easily set up reorder points and restocking quantities to ensure that inventory levels never fall below a critical level. The system will automatically generate purchase orders when inventory levels fall below the set threshold, streamlining the reordering process.

Mobile Access

HotelBee’s stock management feature can be accessed through a mobile device, allowing businesses to manage their inventory from anywhere, at any time. This feature enables staff to track inventory levels, place orders, and manage stock levels while on the go.

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