Day-to-Day Operations

HotelBee’s day to day operation management includes features such as room allocation and assignment, housekeeping management, front desk operations, and inventory management.

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Day-to-Day Operation Management

Front Desk Management

With Hotelbee, hotels and other properties can easily manage their front desk operations, from check-ins and check-outs to room assignments and upgrades. The system allows for real-time updates and information, ensuring that guests have a smooth and hassle-free experience.


Hotelbee offers an intuitive housekeeping module that enables properties to manage their housekeeping tasks more efficiently. Staff can view cleaning schedules and tasks, mark rooms as cleaned, and quickly identify any areas that need attention.

Inventory and Maintenance Management

Hotelbee’s inventory and maintenance management features help properties keep track of their supplies and equipment, schedule maintenance tasks, and monitor their property’s overall condition. This ensures that everything is in good working order and that guests have a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

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POS Orders

The order UI is also designed to be fast and efficient, allowing your staff to input orders quickly and accurately, reducing errors and wait times for customers. With HotelBee POS, your staff can spend less time on order taking and more time providing excellent customer service.

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