HotelBee është ndërtuar për Menaxherët e Ushqimit dhe Pijeve

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How HotelBee Can Help FB Managers

HotelBee’s Point of Sale (POS) system can help Food & Beverage (F&B) managers streamline their operations by providing an all-in-one solution for managing sales, inventory, and ordering. With our POS system, F&B managers can easily create and manage menus, track inventory levels, and view real-time sales data.

Optimizoni porositë

With HotelBee’s POS, food & beverage managers can easily take and process customer orders, manage inventory, and accept various forms of payment, all in one platform. This can save time and reduce errors, making the ordering process more efficient.

Menu të personalizueshme

HoteBee’s POS allows food & beverage managers to customize menus, add descriptions, images, and pricing information to ensure that the menu items are presented in an appealing and informative way to customers.


Moduli POS ofron raporte të detajuara mbi shitjet, inventarin, sjelljen e klientit dhe informacione të tjera të rëndësishme. Ky informacion mund të ndihmojë menaxherët e ushqimeve dhe pijeve të marrin vendime të informuara në lidhje me ndryshimet e menusë, rregullimet e çmimeve dhe vendime të tjera strategjike për të përmirësuar përfitimin.

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Integrimi me PMS

HotelBee’s POS module is integrated with other modules, such as accounting and inventory management, allowing food & beverage managers to manage all aspects of their operations in one centralized platform.

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